Create a Named Fund

Establishing a Named Endowment Fund with Acorn is an easy way to create an enduring legacy in the region you call home. The Acorn team will walk you through the process to ensure that your giving objectives are met. We’ll help you choose how and when you donate, and who your fund supports.

You can choose to give during your lifetime or leave a gift in your Will. Find out more about how giving via an Acorn Endowment Fund works by clicking the button below.


How an Endowment Fund works   Download the MoU form

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Give to a Community Group Fund

Another giving option is to contribute to an existing fund. There are many community groups in our region who have set up an endowment fund with Acorn. By donating to their fund, you will help it grow. Once their fund reaches the $50,000 distributions threshold, the income earned each year will provide an annual income stream to the organisation far into the future.

You can choose to give to a Community Group fund during your lifetime as a one-off or a regular donation, or you can leave a gift in your Will.

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Give to the Acorn
Vital Impact Fund

We recognise that not everyone is ready to set up an endowment fund but still may be passionate about supporting our community.

The Acorn Vital Impact Fund might be the perfect giving option for you.

The Acorn Vital Impact Fund distributes to local charitable organisations in the WBOP with the greatest need to receive funding.  Make your charitable giving last forever by donating to this fund.

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Corporate Giving

More and more businesses are taking an interest in corporate social responsibility and choosing to give back to the communities in which they work. We know that social good is increasingly important to employees and it will play a more significant role as the younger generations select their preferred employer.


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There are many local organisations in the Western Bay of Plenty - large and small - doing great things in our communities. Corporate Giving through Acorn can take many forms, and is an easy way to make a difference in the region we all love. 

Transfer a Trust

If you are involved with a charitable family or corporate trust and finding BAU difficult after changes to the Trusts Act, Acorn can help. Transferring a trust to the Acorn Foundation provides a simple and effective option. Our low cost structure means capital stays intact and protects it against inflationary pressures, while returning income back to our community.


How a Trust RESettlement works   Download the Trust RESettlement Form

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We’d love to chat with you about how we can help you give back to our community.

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Join the cause and help us to build a stronger Western Bay of Plenty, for everyone - now and for future generations. 

You can donate now via credit card to a Fund of your choice, by clicking the button below. Information is also provided on how to donate via internet banking.


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